H-SwarmLoc: Efficient Scheduling for Localization of Heterogeneous MAV Swarm with Deep Reinforcement Learning


Emergency rescue scenarios are considered to be high-risk scenarios. Using a micro air vehicle (MAV) swarm to explore the environment can provide valuable environmental information. However, due to the absence of localization infrastructure and the limited on-board capabilities, it’s challenging for the low-cost MAV swarm to maintain precise localization. In this paper, a collaborative localization system for the low-cost heterogeneous MAV swarm is proposed. This system takes full advantage of advanced MAV to effectively achieve accurate localization of the heterogeneous MAV swarm through collaboration. Subsequently, H-SwarmLoc, a reinforcement learning-based planning method is proposed to plan the advanced MAV with a non-myopic objective in real-time. The experimental results show that the localization performance of our method improves 40% on average compared with baselines.

In Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
Research Assistant Professor

My research interests include AIoT, edge computing, and mobile security.